Dedicated to saving the world- one game at a time.

North Star Stories is an American-based company dedicated to changing people's lives through play, empathy, and technology. We specialize in creating games and applications, brought to you by a diverse staff dedicated to making the world a better place.


Aubrey Williams

Co-Founder, Creative Director

After studying Animation and Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Aubrey has spent the last five years of her career in games as a lead illustrator on several projects. Her most recent work as the Chief Animation Specialist for REESSI's MEGames has helped to channel her passion for social justice and empowerment into artwork that brings worlds and dreams to life. 

Yvonne Yeung

Co-Founder, Chief Developer

Yvonne has been in gaming industry for three years that started after studying for her computer science degree at the Academy of Art University, where she also received a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Game Design and Development. She's developed a wide range of applications from creating prototypes to launching shipped titles. Her passion is to become a game developer veteran and to help develop mobile gaming apps for those bold enough to dream.



Mascot- Corgi Sidekick

Found as a feral stray in Bakersfield California-  Gryffin's days are now busy accepting belly rubs during marketing events, and by snoring extra loud while his mahm draws all day.


Chief Cuddle Officer

Sparty's daily duties consist of naps, eating, long walks in the forest, and reminding everyone that cuddles and laughs are the meanings of life.